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Your guide to creating the ultimate traditional wedding.
Roses are very popular among traditional brides, and are often in white to match the white wedding aesthetic most traditional weddings crave. Bridesmaids at a traditional wedding will often carry a similar bouquet to that of the bride, though theirs is usually smaller or a different colour.
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Protestant weddings may be elaborate or simple. For example, in the United Methodist Church, the Service of Christian Marriage Rite I includes the elements found in a typical Sunday service, such as hymns, prayers, and readings from the Bible, as well as other elements unique to a wedding, including the exchange of marriage vows and wedding rings, and a special benediction for the couple. 23 Holy Communion may be part of the wedding service in liturgical Protestant churches e.g, Anglican, Lutheran, or high-church Methodist, but is rarely, if ever, found in weddings of other low-church Protestant denominations. A Quaker wedding ceremony in a Friends meeting is similar to any other meeting for worship, and therefore often very different from the experience expected by non-Friends. Hindu customs edit. Main article: Hindu wedding. A girl with the traditional gift of Gaye holud.
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Traditional African Wedding of the year Wedding Concepts.
Its not every day that we get asked to plan and design a traditional African wedding with a contemporary twist. Its not every day that we get asked to plan and design a traditional African wedding with a contemporary twist.
8 things to include in your traditional wedding Easy Weddings.
In an era where many couples venture away from wedding traditions, its nice to consider returning to the format our parents and grandparents used when they got hitched. If youre looking for traditional wedding inspiration, heres eight things to include on your big day.

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